What will you get as a result of coaching with me?

Engaging a coach is a statement of your commitment to your growth and a readiness to take that next step. My coaching will be a supportive and collaborative foundation from which you will have access to guidance, accountability, tools and processes to help you transform the issues that stand in the way of you and your goals. Together we will explore what is possible for you and your future.

Our coaching sessions will be by phone or Skype. We will start with a complimentary session to establish whether this is a good fit for both of us. Should you choose to make the commitment, we will delve in with an assessment to clearly identify your core values, and from there define your short and long term goals. We will use these values and goals as a foundation to create a strategy for attaining your goals.


I offer customized pricing based on the specific coaching needs of my clients. I offer packages for three-month and six-month commitments. We will have that conversation prior to any coaching commitment.